Dishwasher Powder

  • No phosphates
  • No caustics
  • No chlorine
  • No animal testing
  • Readily Biodegradable surfactants AST4351 
  • Septic & Sewerage safe
  • Powder is safe to use and concentrated because there are no fillers, use as directed


    Super concerntrated, safe, effective  cleaning in your dishwashing machine. Safer as there is no chlorine and no fumes when opening the door.


    How To Use

    Use enviroClean Rinse Aid in final rinse for sparkling results.
    Scoop = 5gms
    Rinsed dishes use= 1/4 to one scoop.
    Soiled dishes use= up to one scoop.

    enviroCare Earth products have an enviable reputation for being of the highest quality, with consistancy of ingredients and proven usage since 1994.

    We are proud of our history and will continue to adhere to these strcit standards, delivering the best environmentally responsible products to all Australians.

    We have chosen to stand apart from the growing mega -mass of ordinary & 'green' products, which predominantly sell on price.

    Instead we have chosen to stand on our principles and not sell out where our produts will not be valued for quality of ingredients and results.

    Dishwasher Powder 1kg