Aroma Free Roll-on Deodorant

Stay naturally fresh all day with Aroma Free roll-on deodorant.

An effective formula, even for the most active people. Free from aluminium compounds and chemical antiperspirants. Based on the traditional remedies of bicarb soda to eliminate odours and aloe vera to soothe. No essential oils for those who prefer aroma-free protection.


How To Use
Shake well before use. If the ball becomes stuck, rinse and loosen under warm water.
When To Use
Use as required.


What Makes Miessence Different

Our commitment to good health and the environment is more than skin deep.

Every step of our production process – from harvest to packaging – is stringently checked for quality.

No organic ingredient enters our production process before it has been officially certified organic and no product leaves our warehouse without it passing our multi-faceted quality control tests.



Aroma Free Roll-on Deodorant 60ml