Relax  Rejuvenate  Revitalize


Available to add to your choice of luxurious facial

Sodashi Scalp Mud Application (leave in) $25
Extractions $40

Sodashi Stop and Relax Facial (30mins)


Tailored to suit any skin type
This express treatment will boost your complexion with a facial cleanse, Sodashi’s unique exfoliating compresses, leave on gel mask, a luxurious facial massage and more. A great add on treatment to another one of Indah’s luxurious choices.

​Sodashi Anti-Blemish Facial (50mins)


Tailored to suit any skin type
This treatment combines Sodashi’s unique Plant Essence Synergy with the deep cleansing properties of Argiletz Clay, rich in minerals, to deeply cleanse congested and imbalanced skin types helping to prevent blemishes and acne. Complemented by a pressure point facial massage to restores the skin’s natural radiance, this facial experience refines the pores and leaves skin feeling purely refreshed and deeply cleansed.

Clarifying Back Treatment


Get ready to bare your back after this purifying treatment that clears blemishes and irritation naturally. Treat this hard to reach area with citrus detox buff, rich in Vitamin C and bioflavonoids, then draw out impurities with a unique pink grapefruit clay mask and finish with a light citrus peppermint gel. Ultra clear and radiant skin will be yours.

Sodashi Pure Radiance Facial (60mins)


Tailored to suit any skin type
We will take your skin on a decadent journey. You can deeply relax as you enjoy range of deep cleansing, hydrating and purifying techniques. This facial includes a Sodashi facial massage including the neck and décolletage area. The luxurious Sodashi plant essence synergies will leave your skin revitalised and fresh.

Man Maintenance Facial (60 mins)


Tailored to suit every Gentleman
Put your mind at ease during a refreshing salt back exfoliation before enjoying a deep cleansing and exfoliating facial to balance the skins natural oils. Sodashi’s soothing mist with woody aromas will de-sensitise your skin and firm the muscles leaving you looking and feeling fresh and revitalized.

Bright Skin Facial (lightening and hydrating, also suitable for sensitive skin) (80mins)


A delicious facial clinically proven to lighten and brighten uneven skin tone. Using the active ingredients Gigawhite, Stone Crop, Bearberry and Liquorice to provide intense hydration and lighten pigmented and discoloured skin tone. Throughout your experience, the use of antioxidants and plant lipids plump up the skin, giving you a youthful glow.

Tropical Age Corrective Facial (anti-aging hydration boost) (60mins)


Nurture and transform your skin with the healing nature of coconut milk to gently ease away the signs of ageing. Pineapple Enzymes, powdered rice and clay work to refine skin tone, remove impurities and improve blemished areas in a double exfoliation. Rich mango moisturiser and virgin coconut oils in luxurious masques and moisturisers return deep lasting hydration and a sexy tropical glow. A most relaxing facial experience to melt away stress and take you to a tropical paradise of smooth balanced and beautiful skin.

Microhydrabrasion (60mins)


Fast effective results for every skin type
The skin has pores and follicles that need to be regularly cleaned. Dirty, blocked skin is characterised by blackheads, congestion and blemishes. To vacuum the skin would be an ideal way to ensure the skin is deeply cleaned and decongested. Microhydrabrasion is a system that exfoliates the skin with diamonds but simultaneous cleans the skin too. Our deepest cleansing facial, assists with reversing scarring, fine lines and wrinkles.

Sodashi Marine Mineral Facial (80mins)


Marine Facial
Tailored to suit any skin type

Using the intelligence of marine plants, this facial is rich in spirulina and fucus extract to bring radiance and glow to your complexion. This is the perfect treatment to oxygenate tone and revitalise the skin. Including a luxurious facial, neck and décolletage massage, this facial will leave your skin radiant and glowing. A great first facial for those needing a boost.

Lift & Firm Berry Refined Facial (80mins)


Pore minimising & tightening
Reveal a plumped and smoothed skin with the help of this exfoliating and pore minimising treat. A yummy cocktail of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries infuses the skin with antioxidants and tightens the tissue. The refining, rejuvenating and detoxifying properties of paprika leaves your skin with a deeply cleansed and youthful glow.

Sodashi Thermal Infusing Facial (90mins)


Tailored to suit any skin type
An intensive boost of all nature’s vitamins and minerals, Sodashi’s exclusive Thermal Infusing Mask will maximise penetration of nature’s essential vitamins and minerals into the deeper layers of the skin. This ultimate facial indulgence is tailored to your skins needs to purify and deeply cleanse, or nourish leaving your skin hydrated and toned. Restoring forgotten elasticity and radiance, this is more than just a facial, its Nature’s Face Lift.

Sodashi Ultimate Age-Defying Facial (110 mins)


Ultimate ageing solution
The Samadara Ultimate Age-Defying Facial uses a sequence of timeless, anti ageing techniques rooted in Ayurvedic healing traditions that are designed to reawaken the skin’s natural healing energies. Turn back the hands of time and transform your skin with this intensely hydrating and nourishing treatment to increase firmness and elasticity, diminish the appearance of fine lines and restore a youthful glow. A rose quartz crystal facial massage enables the powerful Samadara crème to penetrate deeply into the skin for maximum benefit.


Express Back Massage (30mins)


Firm, Medium or Light Pressure
A massage of your upper back, lower back and shoulders designed to help relieve upper body tension. You will receive a foot compress and our signature stretching ritual to begin the experience. Great for those on the go, or perfect to add to another Indah treatment.

Indah’s Amethyst Head Massage (30mins)


Medium, or Light Pressure
This stress relieving massage has been created using the Indian Head Massage technique with amethyst stone added for further relaxation. Our professional therapist will massage the top of your back, shoulders, neck, head and forehead during the treatment. This massage is traditionally performed seated, please inform our receptionist if you would prefer to enjoy it lying down.

Aromatherapy Massage (60mins) or (90 mins)

$110 or $160

Medium or Light Pressure
This popular massage soothes and loosens the superficial muscle structure, working to relax the entire body, improve general wellbeing and reduce mental stress. When you arrive at Indah you will choose one of three carefully blended aromatherapy oils to enhance your experience as well as a choice of areas you would like our professional massage therapist to avoid or focus on.

Crystal Body Massage (60mins)


Medium or Light Pressure
Massaging with crystals combines the benefits of a fully body massage together with the healing vibrations of your choice of amethyst, tourmaline or rose quartz crystals. A unique experience designed to balance your body spiritually & physically.

Pregnancy Massage (60mins)


Especially for the Mum to be
Enjoy a full body massage whilst you lay on your stomach using our large round beanbag designed especially for pregnancy massages. Our professional therapists will ensure you will be deeply relaxed in preparation for welcoming your little one into the world.

Warm Bamboo Massage (60mins)


Warm Bamboo MassageMedium or Light Pressure
Our Bamboo Massage is the use of hollow organically treated bamboo canes, in various sizes used to knead and roll out knots and relax tense muscles. It combines the traditional benefits of massage along with the comforting qualities of heat. The perfect massage to counter the effects of tension and lack of rest.

Therapeutic Massage (60mins) or (90mins)

$125 or $175

Medium or Firm Pressure
A full body massage to release tension and knots to help reduce discomfort. Our professional massage therapist focuses on the soft or deep layers of muscles to release the stress on your body. With your choice of areas you wish us to avoid or focus your time on.

Sodashi Signature Massage (90 mins)


Light or Medium Pressure
Combining the healing power of touch with Sodashi’s unique techniques, this deeply relaxing massage uses smooth stroking movements to encourage and increase lymphatic circulation and balance the energy meridians in your body.

Hot Stone Massage (90 mins)


Hot Stone Massage
Light or Medium Pressure
Indah’s most popular massage. Using warm volcanic stones to penetrate the muscles and relax and soften muscle tissue, this is a deeply relaxing and treating massage for the whole body. Enjoy the healing benefits of amethyst for a heightened experience.

Body Therapies

Ear Candling (30mins)


This ancient remedy designed for cleansing and invigorating the ear has been around for centuries. Most cultures has some form of ear candling in its healing history, from China to Italy, Australian Aboriginals and the jungle tribes of South America. Enjoy a light massage to stimulate the removal of sinus congestion during the candling.

Reflexology (60mins)


A specialised form of acupressure focusing solely on your feet stimulating reflex nerves which are systematically linked to all parts of your body. Body balance at its best, your expert therapist clears meridian blockages, leaving you harmonised and in tune with your body. Including a nurturing citrus foot soak and balancing salt exfoliation of the feet

Chakra Sound Therapy (60mins)


A unique powerful treatment to activate your chakras and create a healthy energy flow from head to toe. This deeply relaxing treatment incorporates massage, muscle stretches and guided breathing techniques together with 7 Tibetan chakra singing bowls and gongs. Allow yourself to absorb the vibrations through your body.

Sodashi Sole to Soul Treatment (60mins)


Experience an aromatic steaming head wrap and the application of an enriching scalp mask, leaving your hair soft and shiny. To follow, warm compresses and luxurious jojoba beads exfoliate your hands before a rich moisturiser is massaged deeply into the skin to nourish, soften and protect. To finish, we provide total relief for aching feet and legs with Sodashi’s soothing foot cream using the oils of mint and arnica to increase circulation and reduce swelling.

Full Body Exfoliation (60mins)


Body Exfoliation
With your choice of three highly fragrant full body exfoliants,  Vanilla & Sandalwood, Pear & Green Apple or Deep Relax Salt Therapy. Let your whole body deeply relax whilst your professional therapist removes dead skin and stimulates circulation of your entire body. The suitable rich hydrating moisturiser is applied for a perfect body glow. A treatment to relax the mind, soothe the soul and replenish the skin.

Add an application of Australian’s own organic Eco Tan for a natural deep colour $20 extra.

Pear Apple & Mango Body Wrap (80mins)


Rejuvenate your skin head to toe beginning with a blend of antioxidant rich pear, apple and sugar cane, to gently exfoliate and smooth your skin. Follow with the application of fragrant jam like mango to dissolve dryness, fine lines and pigmentation. Perfectly completed with a luxurious full body application of an Eminence body lotion to return firmness and deeply moisturise.

Detoxifying Marine Body Wrap (90mins)


Combining the richness of sea plants, algae, marine minerals and plant essences this treatment is detoxifying for the entire body. Enjoy a full body exfoliation followed with Sodashi’s Detoxifying Body Mask. A soothing scalp massage will complete the ultimate journey of relaxation.

Hands and Feet

We are proud to use Sheswai polish (toluene, formaldehyde and DPB free)

Mini Manicure or Mini Pedicure (40mins)


Enjoy a nail file, cuticle treatment, buff and perfect polish of your fingers or toes.

Soothing Mint Foot Treatment (30mins)


Soothe and revitalise tired, sore feet with Sodashi’s invigorating sea salt polish to refresh the skin and stimulate circulation. Finished with an arnica, lavender and peppermint foot cream massaged into feet and lower legs to provide total relaxation.

Indah’s Spa Manicure (60mins)


Enjoy a warm towel compress to soften your hands before a total rejuvenation of your fingers and cuticles. An exfoliant, massage and mask will leave your hands and arms cleansed and soft, finishing with a perfect polish of your choice.

Indah’s Spa Pedicure (60mins)


The ultimate feet and leg experience including a warm foot soak, toenail file, cuticle treatment, exfoliation, massage and mask. Step into your day with perfectly cared for feet with a foot filed heels and polish of your choice.

​COMBO Spa Manicure or Pedicure & Mini Manicure or Pedicure ( 100 minutes )


​COMBO Spa Manicure or Pedicure & Mini Manicure or Pedicure  ( 100 minutes )

​Eco Fin (natural paraffin alternative) for hands or feet (additional 10mins)


​Eco Fin (natural paraffin alternative) for hands or feet  (additional 10mins)

French polish (additional10mins)


Gentleman's Corner

We welcome men to enjoy all of Indah's wide range of treatments.

​The Grounded Gent (allow 1.5hrs)


​Steam Room
Therapeutic Massage 60mins

The Chairman (allow 3.5hrs)


Steam Room
Full Body Exfoliation
Therapeutic Massage
Man Maintenance Facial

Jack’s Re-buff (allow 2.5hrs)


Steam Room
Therapeutic Massage
Man Maintenance Facial

Therapeutic Massage (60mins)


Medium or Firm pressure
A full body massage to release tension and knots to help reduce discomfort. Our professional massage therapist focuses on the soft or deep layers of muscles to release the stress on your body. With your choice of areas to avoid or focus on.

Man Maintenance Facial (60mins)


Put your mind at ease during a refreshing salt back exfoliation before enjoying a deep cleansing and exfoliating facial to balance the skins natural oils. Sodashi’s soothing mist with woody aromas will de-sensitise your skin and firm the muscles leaving you looking fresh and revitalized.

Relaxing Waxing & Tinting For Her

Our professional therapists use Hot & Strip wax – if you would prefer one in particular please indicate when booking. Our olive oil & apricot wax is suitable for sensitive skin.


Eyebrow Tint $20
Eyelash Tint $30
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint $40


Eyebrow tidy $20
Eyebrow shape $25
Lip $18
Chin $18
Eyebrow, Lip & Chin $35
Sides of Face $21
Underarm $25
Half arm $30
Full Arm $40
Stomach $25
Lower leg $36
¾ Leg $47
Upper Leg $40
Full Leg $55
Bikini $27
G-String Bikini $45
Brazillian $80
Brazillian Maintenance $65

Spa Packages

Enjoy any of the following packages in your company or in two's

Zen (allow 1.5 hrs)


1hr Aromatherapy Massage or Therapeutic Massage
Soothing Mint Foot Treatment

​Peace (allow 2hours)


​Mini Manicure or Mini Pedicure
Express Back Massage
Stop & Relax Facial

Karma (allow 2 hrs)


Steam Room
Full Body Exfoliation
Stop & Relax Facial

Enlightenment (allow 3hrs)


Outdoor Relaxation Bath
1hr Aromatherapy Massage or Therapeutic Massage
Marine Mineral Facial

The Bodhi (allow 5hrs)


Thermal Infusing Facial
Hot Stone Massage
Spa Pedicure
Mini ManicureIncludes Culinary hq lunch

The Dalai Lama (allow 7 hrs)


Steam Room
Detoxifying Marine Body Wrap
Deluxe Therapy Spa
Culinary HQ Lunch of choice
1hr Aromatherapy Massage or Therapeutic Massage
Sodashi Marine Mineral Facial
Mini Manicure
Mini Pedicure

Mum To Be

All pregnancy treatments are suggested for women to enjoy in their second to final trimester.

​A Mothers Touch (80mins)


​Stop & Relax Facial
Mini Manicure or Mini Pedicure

Pregnancy Pamper (90 mins)


Pregnancy Massage
Stop & Relax Facial

Natural Glow (allow 3 hrs)


Pregnancy Massage
Stop & Relax Facial
Mini Manicure or Mini Pedicure
Soothing Mint Foot Treatment

Pregnancy Massage (60mins)


Enjoy a full body massage whilst you lay on your stomach using our large round beanbag designed especially for pregnancy massages. Our professional therapists will ensure you will be deeply relaxed in preparation for welcoming your little one into the world.

Spa Delights

Steam Room (30mins)


Indulge in our exotic Turkish Steam Room, just on its own or a prelude to scrubs, wraps or massage. Not only is it relaxing it helps to increase circulation, metabolism, hydrate the skin and remove toxins from clogged pores.

Detox Box (30mins)


This sauna uses naturally occurring infrared rays to effectively detoxify the body of many lifelong toxins and heavy metals. Whilst detoxing the body it helps with the balance of cellulite and improves the skin tone while relaxing the body and mind.

Deluxe Body Therapy Spa (30mins)


Lay back and relax in our indoor Therapy Spa. Organic oils and salts are added to enhance the therapeutic benefits of your private time out.

Outdoor Bath House (30mins)


Lay back and relax under the blue sky in our beautiful private outdoor bath house. With a blend of Epsom salts, uplifting oils, lavender petals and fresh flowers this will help eliminate toxins and rejuvenate and replenish the skin.

Gourmet Culinary HQ Lunch (30mins)


Ask our friendly receptionist for an up to date Menu from Culinary HQ and add a meal to your treatment.  Culinary HQ provides Geraldton’s most gourmet range of lunch’s ready for you to indulge your senses.
Please note, we must receive 24hours notice of a lunch booking.

Relaxing Waxing For Him

Waxing for Him

Eyebrow $22
Back $40
Back & Shoulders $55
Back, Shoulders & Chest $80
Half Arm $40
Full Leg $60
Chest $35

Things I Should Know

Etiquette  To ensure that all guests enjoy our tranquil surroundings, we ask for noise levels to be kept to a minimum, this includes mobile phones.  Though we love children their attendance is discouraged.

Arrival Time We ask you to arrive 15 minutes prior to your treatment beginning to allow you time to change and unwind. Arriving late will reduce treatment time, lessening its effectiveness and your pleasure; the treatment will finish at the scheduled time to ensure the next guest is not delayed. We invite you to make full use of our lounge facilities before and after your treatment.

Reservations Booking in advance is recommended, where the time permits we are happy to accommodate spontaneous guests.  Indah requires 50% deposit or credit card details to confirm your reservation. Please mention if you are redeeming a gift voucher.

Consultation If it is your first visit at Indah you are required to complete a consultation form before we begin your treatment. This will help us adapt the treatment to suit your individual requirements.

Pre Natal If you are pregnant please advise us at the time of booking, to ensure we can advise on suitable treatments, and ones which should be avoided.

Attire Your comfort is our priority, relaxation is best achieved by wearing comfortable clothing. Disposable underwear will be supplied where appropriate.

Gift Vouchers A gift voucher is a great idea to show someone you love them, to say thank you, or simply to show you care.  Vouchers are valid for life, unless otherwise notified. (Stolen or lost vouchers cannot be reclaimed).  Gift vouchers can be purchased on our website or by phoning 08 9921 3344 – credit card accepted over the phone. Free same day delivery is also available to Geraldton areas.

Payment We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, EFTPOS and cheque with identification. We regret that we do not accept American Express or Diners Club.

Security We ask that you leave your valuables at home as we cannot take responsibility for valuables left in the spa.

Parking Plentiful parking right outside Indah’s front gates, through the car park on the corner of View Street and George Road.

Groups We are more than happy to make special group arrangements for birthday celebrations, hen’s parties and corporate groups. For group of four or more we do require a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of the booking.

We require cancellation notice of 48 hours to avoid full charges being applied to your cancellation; this also applies to gift voucher bookings.